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When in Brasil, I always enjoy the tapioca confection fried like a tortilla and then filled with coconut, doce or other fillings. Could you tell me how to prepare the tapioca for the tortilla-like portion. I brought the tapioca back, but failed to get any recipes. Thanks.


My ex-boyfriend is Brazilian and he and his mom taught me a recipe using tapioca flour, oil, eggs, and I forget the rest. You boil oil with water then it makes a batter that you use a pastry bag and make "sticks" that puff up while cooking. We called them Brazilian cheetos. Any help with the recipe?? (We are no longer on speaking terms..... :-(

Sam Jaggon

Val, I am so impressed... I adore the educational prelude to the delightful recipe.
This is going to become a Jaggon household must - for the happy times, and for those sad times when I need comfort food. Your recipe worked for me, and I am a big fan. Thank you for introducing those chocolate wonders into my life. Sam xxx

Brisa Carter

ai ai ai..I definitely shouldn't be "visiting you" when I'm @ work..now, what to do?? I still have an hour to go..

I like coming here though..hehe..I love your kitchen:)



Nothing is better than to eat brigadeiros together with good friends!!! Loved the page, the recipe, the pics!!!


Ina, I am a big, big fan of Brigadeiros. Will be preparing them tonight! I love the way you described its history above. Go girl! : )


these are delicious and so easy once you get over the mess ! terrific !

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